Opening Plenary Session

Join GSA President Dr. Kathryn Hyer and CEO James Appleby for the Opening Plenary Session on Wednesday, November 4 from 11:30am to 12:15pm

Recording now available for replay.

The session will feature presentations from two distinguished speakers: National Institute on Aging Director Dr. Richard Hodes and National Institute on Aging Deputy Director Dr. Marie Bernard. Hear them discuss the extraordinary efforts that the National Institutes of Health has taken over the past six months to ensure the biomedical research community is able to continue advancing science even as COVID-19 upends many research programs, as well as highlights of their scientific approach to inclusion.

Additionally, learn about GSA’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic, get insight on GSA’s first-ever online meeting, and celebrate the 75th anniversary of the organization. GSA also will recognize the recipients of the 2020 Donald P. Kent Award and the Robert W. Kleemeier Award, Dr. David Ekerdt and Dr. Matt Kaeberlein, respectively.


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