Health Sciences Section

Trends Reports

GSA brings members a new benefit as a way to get a closer look at trends in aging based on our member sections.

What are the benefits of choosing this section?

Health professionals that choose to be a member of the Health Sciences (HS) Section will have the opportunity to advance the scientific study of the aging process in human beings, with special reference to the advancement of methods of the diagnosis and treatment of persons suffering from illness or disability resulting from, related to, or accompanying the aging process.

What types of professionals affiliate with this section?

Our membership is multidisciplinary and includes physicians, dentists, nurses, pharmacists, nutritionists, and other allied health professionals.

What sort of GSA activities and networking opportunities are available to members of this section?

A set of networking opportunities is available to meet colleagues with similar interests in connection with HS-sponsored symposia, paper, and poster sessions, and at the section meeting. Members may also participate in HS committee work.

What opportunities are available for emerging scholars and professionals in this section?

The HS Section is committed to developing the next generation of clinical researchers. Yearly, a special pre-conference symposium is held to present important survival skills for clinical research to fellows, graduate students, and junior faculty. Annual awards are given to two individuals: 1) post -doctoral fellows and 2) junior faculty. Our section is also engaged in mentoring activities of fellows and junior faculty.