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Distinguished Mentorship in Gerontology Award

The Distinguished Mentorship in Gerontology Award is given to individuals who have fostered excellence in, and had a major impact on, the field by virtue of their mentoring, and whose inspiration is sought by students and colleagues. The mentor must have had an influence on graduate, undergraduate, or professional students or junior colleagues, as evidenced by the number and accomplishments of his or her proteges. The nominee's influence on the next generation of gerontologists also may be evident through training programs, research on and written materials associated with pedagogy (e.g., textbooks, articles), supervising research, or providing clinical training. 

Submission Period: Spring 2024

Eligibility Criteria

  • Nominees must be (or if retired, must have been) a member of the BSS Section.

Nomination Process

Required Nomination Packet Materials:

  • A single letter of nomination signed by at least three (3) supporters. The letter should:
    • Be written by the nominee’s mentee, 
    • Summarize the mentor's influence on students and colleagues,
    • Reflect the range of the nominees influence, and
    • Provide specific information about mentoring, rather than focusing on the nominee's other professional accomplishments. 
  • A current Curriculum Vitae. 
  • A list of the nominee's mentees, their occupations, and selected relevant accomplishments.

Nature of Award
The recipient receives a certificate and is recognized at the Behavioral & Social Sciences Section Business Meeting and Award Presentation at Annual Scientific Meeting.

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