Mentor Program

The GSA Mentor Program, Mentor Match, is designed to enhance your professional development through a unique online career networking tool. Your mentor or mentee can be in your city or across the world!

Research shows that individuals who are mentored have an increased likelihood of career success as a result of the targeted developmental support they receive. The benefits of mentoring are endless but this tool aims to pair mentors and mentees to build a broader professional network, help define career goals, gain inspiration and encouragement, refine leadership skills, and identify long term goals.

Mentor Match is user-driven, allowing registered Mentees to search among registered Mentors using specified criteria to find individuals whose experience and expertise match areas in which they wish to be mentored. Likewise, registered Mentors can search for and identify potential Mentees.

If you are a GSA member, go to GSA Connect and click Mentor on the blue menu, then select Enroll as a Mentor. or Enroll as a Mentee. You will be instructed to choose your preferences for various demographics and also to complete your member profile.

Once you have enrolled, use the Mentoring Directories page and select the criteria you want to use for your Mentee or Mentor search. Click on the search result member names to view their profiles. Once you have found a good match, click on their Mentee or Mentor badge to send the mentoring email request.

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