Basic Toolkit

From writing letters to your Congressmen to Capitol Hill Visits, this basic toolkit teaches you how to advocate for aging issues.

The Legislative Process
An overview of the types of legislation, the role of individual Members of Congress, and the importance of committees.

Glossary of Legislative Terms
A listing of terms commonly used in connection with the legislative process.

Public Policy and Advocacy: The Basics
How-to guide on writing to Congress, setting up meetings with legislative officials, and getting to know the staff.

Roles of Congressional Staff
Learn the commonly used titles and principal functions of key staff.

Key Congressional CommitteesView the most important committees for Aging and Health issues.

Hill Visit
Tips for your visit to Capitol Hill, from saying thank you to bringing a short summary of your research.

GSA Fact Sheet
Carry this fact sheet to tell Congressional staff about the background and goals of GSA.

Partner Organizations

GSA engages in advocacy primarily through its active participation in the following coalitions:

The Leadership Council of Aging Organizations (LCAO) is a 64-member coalition of national not-for-profit organizations representing over 60 million older Americans. LCAO’s diverse and dedicated association strives to preserve and strengthen the well-being of America’s older population by providing a voice for seniors and their families in the ongoing national debate on aging policy.

The Friends of the National Institute on Aging is a broad coalition of organizations committed to the advancement of health sciences research that could affect millions of older Americans. FoNIA supports the research and training missions of the National Institute on Aging and serves as a bridge between the NIA and supportive organizations and groups in order to promote and advocate for the NIA and its initiatives as public policies in health and research take shape. By bringing together like-minded organizations to support the federal government’s leading aging research institute, FoNIA addresses current and future challenges in advancing public awareness and acceptance of research goals.

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