GSA Announcements

GSA Announcements is an e-newsletter sent exclusively to members. It contains timely updates on Society activities, upcoming deadlines, and material from outside organizations.

Section E-Newsletters

Also exclusive to members, GSA sends focused e-newsletters to its four professional sections and Emerging Scholar and Professional Organization.


The National Adult Vaccination Program (NAVP) Immunizations Newsletter provides GSA members with monthly updates on adult immunizations. The newsletter includes breaking news and a monthly feature article providing information to each of GSA’s four professional membership sections.

Public Policy & Aging

The Public Policy & Aging E-Newsletter highlights key developments and viewpoints in the field of aging policy from a wide variety of sources, including articles and reports circulating in the media, academy, think tanks, private sector, government and nonprofit organizations. The goal of this e-mail publication is to reach teachers, students, and citizens interested in aging-related issues, especially those who may not have easy access to policy information disseminated both in Washington and around the country. Plus, follow us on Twitter @Aging_Society!

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